Al Busthan was founded in 1979 by KHALED MOHAMED KARAMA SAEED ALKATHEERI , the CEO of our sister concerns, Aisha Perfumes LLC, Al Busthan Gulf Garments & Al Hanoof Jewellery. At Al Busthan, we offer Gents garments, Arab Gents Sandals and branded watches that speak out Arabian tradition with quality and pride. Men’s local outfit like Kandora, Ghutrah, Arab Gents sandals along with custom-tailored gent’s costumes that combine the elegance, luxury, and exclusiveness makes us unique gents garments traders in UAE. Al Busthan constantly strives to keep our customers being trendy and updated to look their best. We pride ourselves for creating truly outstanding pieces which hold our core design principles of simplicity and modesty. Our mission is to give the best to our customers, without compromising on quality and service.